A week has passed since Tulley received his first chemo treatment and his response has been fair. The use of prednisolone has decreased the size of his lymph nodes. Overall he’s had a bit more kick in his step but that varies from day to day. He takes medication daily to ease his upset stomach and suppress vomiting, sadly its not 100% effective. His appetite is also remarkably decreased. He’s turned his nose up to eggs, liver, chicken and beef. Of all things he prefers peanut butter on sourdough bread. Currently I feel his condition is guarded.

My husband and I believe that the quality of his life is whats most important.

We’d like thank all of the staff at the Abington Veterinary Center for taking such good care of Tulley and all of you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

5 responses to “CHEMOTHERAPY

  1. thank you for the update, terri. holding you, ed and all your family, and of course tulley in heart and mind with much love. may you all support one another well and with tenderness as you move through treatment and assessment. big, warm hugs and scritches.

  2. Keeping all of you especially Tulley in my thoughts and daily and nighttime prayers. 🙏❤️🐶

  3. So sorry to hear this news. In the end, IT IS the quality of life that has the most meaning for both Tulley and his human family. Terri, you and Ed are very loving and caring dog owners who will keep themselves open to do what is best for Tulley. Sending all of you love, strength, courage, prayers, and insight as your journey with Tulley through these very challenging times.

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    A quick update about one of BCI’s most beloved characters, Tulley of “Mean Dog” fame.

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