There are so few words, the diagnosis, Lymphoma. First chemotherapy treatment tomorrow. Please share any personal experiences. Updates to follow.

Here is Tulley’s rescue story.


11 responses to “Chemotherapy

  1. Aww so sorry. xxoo

  2. Best wishes and thoughts and prayers for you Terri and Tully. Hopefully she responds to the Chemo treatments as well as I did to my own.

  3. I’m so sorry, Terri. Prayers for you, Ed and Tulley

  4. terri, much love and all good wishes to you and tulley and your family as you move through this time. i’ve done some transport work with a couple of bc/aussie rescue organizations, and have heard various stories of chemo treatment as a result.

    a couple of folks had access to veterinary acupuncture, which they said seemed to be a good support to their dogs during the course of treatment – stimulating the immune system, aiding in release of toxins, providing stress relief, and supporting the boy’s natural healing process.

    one person also explored acupressure for her dog (not having access to a veterinary acupuncturist), learning a few points on her pups body that she could massage to support her (the dawg’s) immune system, release toxic build-up and provide stress relief.

    most dogs certainly seem to have a different relationship to discomfort than humans do, and handle whatever comes up with less apparent distress – they rest as needed, and do what’s needed for greatest ease, it seems.

    holding all of you in my heart. may you and tulley and your family be well and thrive.

  5. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser Rose and commented:

    A heartbreaking update to the “Mean Dog” story. Our prayers are with you, Terri!

  6. Heartbreaking news. You, Ed and your family have been through many difficult times this past year with your pack of border collies. This past spring my 11.5 year old Aussie was diagnosed with multiple life threatening medical conditions. I decided to take an holistic approach to managing these medical issues with the hope of giving him a good quality of life and little hope of extending his life. We got both…he is thriving!!! Miracles can and do happen. I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers for some of your own miracles.

  7. Our prayers are with Tulley and you and Ed. I know first hand what a wonderful spirit he is when you brought him with you the first time we met.

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