Inverness Etc


Wow, are we behind on the blogs!

We left Inverness on Monday morning and headed north to Nigg and the Pitzcalean House (which I am quite sure I misspelled). Of course we took the country roads instead if the A9, and beautiful they were.

And they led us to the smallest ferry in Scotland. We seem to have a penchant for finding the smallest of ferries on this trip, and I am totally to blame.

When we left Bute, the ferry was the shortest crossing; going to Nigg, we had a larger crossing (15 minutes?), but the smallest ferry. Drive in the bow, stop on a TURNTABLE, and stay seat belted in while they turn the car around. Then drive off at the far end.

It felt like being on a very large microwave turntable…. In theory they can fit three cars. I dunno, maybe three Smart Cars? But not…

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