Details from Jim and Fleet’s practice runs before the Worlds.


Vegging out. Incredibly lazy. That would be us tonight, settled in at Kinkell House in Inverness, and ordering pizza. Delivery pizza. From Domino’s. Cheese and sausage, to be precise, to arrive in about an hour.

Is that sad, or what?

We cannot claim that it was a stressful day. We departed the Creag ne Dav B&B in Ivermoriston after a wonderful breakfast, and drove a leisurely 8 miles to today’s sheepdog trial. Another beautiful course, opening beautifully toward the top, and with a few minor rolls, with fit and lively blackface ewes that were often difficult to spot. The weather was a tad variable, but light rain and fog on the hills prevailed until mid afternoon.

Both Cheryl and I booked in for early runs (yes, I know that it’s generally a better strategy to wait until late morning or early afternoon, but we were pushing the dogs and our…

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