For the Love of Dog People

1124827531_293c4da2ea_oOn the eve of the new year, Terri and I want share with you this surprising article that conveys the big picture: love for dogs and everyone who loves them.

Happy New Year. Be safe! Be good! Have fun! Love big!

In Defense of Dog Breeders

by urban fantasy author and rescuer, Michele Lee

I’m a part of the rescue community here in Louisville. That’s a really loaded statement. There’s a lot of issues I have with some of the people and ideas I run into. One example is the rescue world’s view of dog breeders. Some people blatantly say silly things like “I wish all dog breeding would be banned” or “We should punish breeders.”

5513292856_8558855f95_oWell, we have a dog at the clinic right now who wandered or was dumped onto a client’s property who is probably 20 pounds or more underweight and who we had to do abdominal surgery on to remove a blockage because he was so desperate for calories he ate everything (in this case it was sticks, what looks like a wash cloth and a corn cob). I know very well the damage stupid, irresponsible selfish breeders who are just looking for money can be. And I know they make up a whole heck of a lot of the breeders out there.

But I also know about a friend and coworker who breeds poodles and cares very much about who they go to (mostly she keeps them and shows them). And her sister who shows and “breeds” french bulldogs, but has yet to ever have a litter since even though she’s paid heftily for good quality dogs, they’ve come down with issues she doesn’t want to pass on, so she sterilizes them and ends up with pets. And a former coworker who has bred and shown Staffordshire Terriers and Rotties and always had a waiting list before she even bred her females, of people she approved, after doing background checks.

8449492098_257fb2d335_oI was also told about a friend of a friend who bought a cocker spaniel from a breeder and about a year after received a call from the breeder because one of her dogs had been found in an area shelter. (The breeder always microchipped her puppies and always pledged to take them back should they need a home.) The breeder asked them to pull the dog, funded vet care and neutering, but the family fell for dog #2 and opted to keep him too. Read more . . .

Find out more about Michele on her website.




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