I’ve decided that I’m ready to, “Come up for air”.

Recently I received an email from wordpress; it detailed the performance from The Border Collie Inquisitor for 2014. The results were gratifying. This would be the motivator I’d need to start writing again.  I’ve deeply missed the connection with the readership.

Allow me to briefly explain my absence.

My family and I recently suffered nearly insurmountable losses. Losing (4) of our beloved dogs last year took its toll.

I found the courage to write about our Epic, she was our first loss in January,


March came in like a Lion and our old and faithful Scout was gone.      


No sooner had we started to get ourselves settled into the new pack order my side kick Deja Blue aka Boo was diagnosed with liver cancer. Her diagnosis hit me like a violent tornado as it made its first initial powerful punch. We sat in the eye of the storm, treasuring every moment we had left until August when the eye wall unmercifully hit with vehement intensity and we lost of Boo. I’ve not yet found the courage to tell her story. Even now I pause to sob.


The final chapter in October was our Tulley,   diagnosed with lymphoma; this had to be a bad dream. How and where would I ever find the strength, I was, at that time, completely and utterly broken. How was I going to break this news to my husband? Tulley was after all, his constant companion. I would somehow find the faith.  I took a deep breath, pulled myself together determined to rid this cancer from Tulley’s body.                                                             

Sadly determination and reality collided and just a week before Christmas and Tulley could fight no more.

Beautiful Tulley

I so appreciate my co-writer and dear friend Lisa for posting a final farewell.

Time is powerful, it moves along with no regard or limits, so we’ll take all of the time that we need. Grief is a process; it goes its own way, and in its own time. It’s the little things, the day to day interactions when we mostly feel their loss.

The Quakers have a saying, “if you love, you will suffer, and it is worth it.”

A friend recently thanked my husband for helping to house a dog at his shelter for 17 months until a special loving home was found.

“Thank you for keeping the faith,” George stated. So profound I thought these three words. And so we will, “Keep the Faith.”

Many thanks to all, your love and support has carried us through.

“Godspeed to our beloved Epic, Scout, Deja and Tulley”.


“After the tears, there will be a rainbow.”                                                                                                                                                   Terri Florentino

20 responses to “COMING UP FOR AIR

  1. Teri so happy you will be writing again. This article brought tears to my eyes because your year was beyond tough. As I thought of our sweet Saphy who we lost in November, I could not imagine going thru what you did. Welcome back to your love of writing.

  2. Their memory, and spirit will live forever. In your hearts. In your writing. In our hearts.
    But It’s very very hard. So sorry. Virtual dog hug.
    Jill and Junior

  3. So good to hear from you! Broken hearts and broken souls mend in their own time and their own way. Speaking as a member of the BCI community please know you, Ed, and your family are embraced in support, love, and prayers as you journey on this windy road to recovery.

  4. That is a tough year by any standard! I’m sorry for your losses and hoping you have a blessed 2015.

  5. Great to hear from you. Love and hugs and lots of kisses from Mr. Scouty boy. The Quakers were right.

  6. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser Rose and commented:

    How do you survive losing four dogs in one year? Read it, and be inspired.

  7. Unfathomable losses. I can’t even imagine. Terri, God bless you, Ed and your family. You are very close at heart and in thought. Love to all. XO

  8. Sounds like you follow Bedlam Farm…yes?

    Magic and I are thinking of you and your lovely Border collies.
    -Tom and Magic

  9. Brenda Williamson

    Terri, I feel your pain and truly understand your grief. Your article was so beautifully written. I miss Roxie and Adam, especially Adam who was so suddenly taken from me. But I will be forever grateful to have had them in my life even though they were with me for such a short time.

  10. Terri, I had to have some strength before I could make myself read this but I am fully crying now anyway. Thank you! LOL. I know how difficult last year was for you. You have put your struggle into beautiful words. I am glad we can share our tears and struggles together.

  11. sorry for your loss..we have adopted about over 20 dogs over the years from griffin pond..many older and with issues..have two at present who are 14 and one is three legged with remaining rear leg becoming weak necessitating a strap to help her get about and to bathroom..preparing myself as much as pollible for the trip to doc jeschke but not yet!!each memory of all of them in my heart and worth all the hurt!! shirley

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