Amazing Mick News!

Hi, fellow Border Collie fans!

Mick and I have some exciting news! Here’s what happened:

An agent at Fine Print Literary Management, CEO Peter Rubie, agreed to represent Mick and me and our story. He’s taking our book proposal to editors at the top publishing houses hoping to negotiate a great book deal.

The world of book publishing is capricious, and I have a lot of work to do, so it’ll be a while before anything happens–if anything happens. But it’s a hugely encouraging step, and Peter Rubie is warm and wonderful and committed to this story and my career. I couldn’t feel luckier.

My hope is to do justice to all the people and Border collies whose lives are so powerfully intertwined and to explore what home and family mean when we’re divided geographically and united through the Internet and a shared love. I also just hope to tell a good story. It is a good story–I hope to tell it well.

As Peter said when we first discussed the book last October, “The dog has to live.” And he does!

And as my mother would say, I better get crackin’. Luckily, Mick’s been healthy and sweet, and he’s practicing his best tricks because I promised I’d take him to visit his friends at the International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts, known as ICFA. Of course, he’s calling it “Mickfa,” and he gets all full of himself and says, “I am the fantastic in the arts.”

When asked what it’s like to have a literary agent, Mick said, “I’m not sure. Can he throw a Frisbee?”


13 responses to “Amazing Mick News!

  1. Congratulations! Great opportunity! Best wishes!

  2. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser-Rose and commented:

    I’m exciting to share this sweet development in my life with Mick. I hope to do it justice and make you proud and happy.

  3. How exciting!!! I love reading your stories and blog!!! Now I can get excited about turning some pages in a book, get busy Girl!!! And give Mick a kiss for me!!!

  4. Yay! Mickfa! I’ve missed my BC for so long. I’m libel to be really emotional.

  5. Congratulations, Lisa. I’m so excited for you!

  6. WOOHOO! You and Mick rock! Congrats!

  7. That is fantastic! I am so happy for you both.

  8. Congratulations to you both!!!

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