Why My House is a Wreck

I guess it doesn’t help that since Alby’s been working at home, the house is filled with computers and monitors, and components are snaking out of boxes and bookcases and across the floor. But no matter to Mick–his eye’s on nothing but the ball!P1060450

5 responses to “Why My House is a Wreck

  1. It’s the ball or the frisbee in our house – oh wait – stuffed animal – that’s not safe either……we have a lot of funerals for those on a weekly basis as well. Pip seems to find those if left low! Go Mick – play – play – play!!

  2. Love the stare of the border!! Maisie and Riley are car stoppers when on the front lawn waiting for me to throw the frisbee.

    By the way, how is Mick feeling. Always thinking about him.

    • Thanks, Barbara. I love that stare too! An thanks so much for thinking of us. I’ve been remiss–I should write an update, but I’m not really sure what’s going on. His B12 stays low. He gets a shot every week when we’re hoping for every month. They’re still monitoring his white blood cel count. It’s all kind of vague and dull. What isn’t dull, though, is Mick! He seems to feel like a million bucks!

  3. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser-Rose and commented:

    Hey, everybody! Mick is as healthy as ever and driving me crazy, which, of course, I love.

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