Keeping Mick

Mick is always ready for anything.

Mick is ready for anything.

Terri and I want to apologize and thank you for your patience. Our work here has come to a halt since Mick, of “Finding Mick,” suffered his second mysterious and potentially fatal health crisis. I’ve been distracted, distraught, and exhausted. Terri, with the help of her friend and colleague Megan Biduk-Lashinski, has been researching and networking, doing her part to save him.


The Ash Wednesday Dog

Born with the mark of a cross on his forehead, Mick is the inspiration for the “Inquisitor” in our name and the model for many of our posters and promos.

In September he turned one year old. He was the runt of his litter, but I didn’t choose him because he was small and frail. Quite the opposite–he was small, yet anything but frail. I wanted a courageous, independent, outgoing canine partner, a dog who could meet the world with a frank and friendly attitude. Mick has been that dog.


Mick likes to help me with my chores.

I expected Mick to be hard-headed. I was braced for a disciplinary challenge, but he turned out to be eager to please me always.  He’s been at my side wherever pet laws allow, and then some. He’s completed puppy class and beginning obedience and is slated for introduction to agility. I teach in a public school, where Mick instantly became a beloved mascot. He frequents local businesses and restaurants. Around town, people are starting to recognize him, “Oh, that’s the famous Mick!”

His failure to thrive began early. We’ve spent a lot of time in local pet food shops, where his charm inspired employees to try to find a food to please and nourish him. Like many of his breed, he’s spooky-smart, but he’s also sublimely sweet, unflappable, and ready for anything.

His last trainer said, “I’ve seen a lot of awesome dogs. Mick is a super-awesome dog.”

Mick with his Uncle Pike.

Mick tries to keep up with his Uncle Pike.

DSC06785This past July Mick spent eight days in intensive care. Last week, he again required round-the-clock care, this time for four days. As in July, doctors have run every test they can think of to figure out what’s trying to kill our Mick. Again and again, test results come back normal–or if they’re abnormal, they’re mystifying. It’s now clear that Mick is fighting a rare and deadly disease. He’s been recovering quickly from his latest “crash,” but we’re still waiting for a diagnosis and praying for a cure.

P1030446While we await the latest test results, Mick is back at home and gaining strength. Terri and I began work on a new series of “Dusty” stories for you. We’ll keep you posted about Mick’s outcome.

It was a long journey finding Mick. It’s been a long year trying to keep him. I feel certain we’re close to a diagnosis and a cure. He loves and is loved by way too many people–nobody’s losing Mick!

22 responses to “Keeping Mick

  1. Both you and Mick are loved! I am here for both, always.

  2. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and Mick!

  3. We’re praying for you Mick.

  4. Mick is a fighter and so glad that he is yours! Not too many people would continue to fight with him!! You are truly an inspiration on how our 4-legged family members need us and I hope other people read his story and would do the same for their companion if the situation would ever arise!! Mick is one lucky pup with having you as his Mom!! You are both loved by so many and we are all praying that Mick pulls thru and lives a long life!!!!

    • Thank you so much. At this point, I’m drawing much of my strength from our loving and compassionate virtual online community. I’m humbled and amazed by how powerful social networking really is, not only to bolster my spirits, but perhaps even to solve Mick’s riddle and save his life!

  5. Love your boy!!

  6. Tami Reichelderfer

    Mick has the will and determination to beat all odds, he is just such an incredibly AWESOME dog! The very first time meeting you & Mick in the store I fell in love with him and was instantly in awe of the amazingly deep bond the two of you share, it’s the kind of bond that warms one to the very soul you know? He is so very blessed to have you and honestly I believe YOU are his main source of strength which enabled him to get through July and which is going to get him through this latest setback as well. He is loved by so many people and he is just such a phenomenally amazing dog with such a fierce will to survive and a very deep eagerness to please….I believe Mick to be a very special dog and truly feel he can do ANYTHING which makes me know he’s going to kick whatever this is right out of his body and he’s going to flourish & thrive from here on out….we all LOVE Mick to pieces!<3 my daughter has not yet had the pleasure of meeting him but has seen that sweet little face and been told of his absolutely amazing talents, I think she's fallen in love with him as well 🙂 she and I both are cheering him on over here ❤ *hugs* to you & your family, I know this has been agonizingly painful for all of you but keep on keeping on, Mick is a true survivor against all odds and he WILL come out on top! He is afterall…..Wonder Dog!! 🙂 Love u Mick!! stay strong buddy ❤ ❤ ❤
    Tami from Dog Lovers

    • Oh, Tami! What sweet things to say! Mick is a cool little character, and I did get very lucky in that way. All of you at Dog Lovers have been so patient and helpful all year long. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you guys. Mick’s feeling so well today it’s spooky. Whatever this terrifying illness is, it sure comes and goes.

  7. My new puppy is Mick’s little sister and I just heard about him and his health problems, so sorry for the little guy and you. Keep fighting, cutie!

  8. Oh Lisa. Reading about Mike gives me the chills. My own blue merle border collie, Gracie, has a black patch on her white forehead, carrying a daily blessing of Ash Wednesday. We too had very little success finding food she could tolerate yet alone thrive on for the first 14 months of her life. This culminated in her becoming critically ill with ALL lab results coming back normal. When the fever finally broke (after 3.5 days), an awful skin rash also erupted. I was told by the vet (who was semi-retired and had seen a lot in his practice) that he had only seen this several times in his career and that the outcomes were not good; come take her home; we would have to take it day by day. When I took Gracie back for her first follow up visit, everyone expressed surprise and relief that she was doing so well…they did not think she would make it!!! But we still had not found a food she could tolerate yet alone thrive on; and to my horror she was starting up with the same issues she had before the major illness. This initiated a year long journey for me to many online nutrition and health resources, to vets, and to extremely knowledgeable dog lovers. It was the last resource who worked very closely with me to find the right combination of food and supplements that Gracie not only tolerates but enjoys eating and thrives on. I tell you my story to give you hope that Mike will come through this, that you and Mike will be blessed in finding an answer to the riddle of his illness even if you do not get a diagnosis, and to let you know I will keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers that you will have many years together.

    • Thank you, Judy! Gracie is blessed that you kept searching for an answer. I’m hoping that we have our answer in the next week or two. I’ve been blessed along our journey to meet and grow closer to so many wonderful people like you. As harrowing as it’s been, I wouldn’t trade a minute with Mick for anything!

  9. Lisa, God bless you and Mick. Have been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. He looks and sounds so amazingly special with all you’ve shared about him. I love his pictures. Praying you get some answers soon!

  10. What an awesome dog; I certainly hope they can figure out a Mick cure.

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