Birthday Cake, Razorblades, and Other Dog Food

What Has Your Dog Eaten?

by Lisa Lanser-Rose

Bar soap, a pump bottle of hand cream, a box of crayons, an entire can of Crisco shortening, a pumpkin (everything but the stem), a slice of pizza straight out of a stranger’s hand–all things my Pip-Thief stole and ate.

I was just watching it for you.

“I was just watching it for you.”

All of my dogs, from my childhood dog Patches to my present-day Mick, stole and ate food–or things I never considered food. Whatever the case, stories of the time the dog ate something forbidden, or something dangerous, or something expensive, or something impossible, or something hilarious, all become highlights in the narrative of life with our dogs. Tell us your tales! Just click on “Leave a Comment” below.

To get you started, let me ask:

  • What’s your favorite “I Can’t Believe My Dog Ate It” story?
  • Did your dog know it was wrong to eat something she ate?
  • Did you and your dog ever disagree about what was “edible?”
  • Did your dog wait until you weren’t looking?
  • Were you ever afraid your dog ate something deadly?
  • Did your dog ever steal a holiday meal?
Got a crime-scene photo? Share it!

Got a crime-scene photo? Share it!

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18 responses to “Birthday Cake, Razorblades, and Other Dog Food

  1. My dog ate an entire peace lily plant that had been sitting there for over a month. I’m not sure what came over him. His diet had not changed and he was very well fed (with dog food).
    He has also eaten: An xbox controller, an entire unopened box of tampons (the plastic made him puke a lot), whole bags of treats, a shampoo bottle (almost empty, thankfully), red clay and garden soil (for the fun of it?) and many other things.


  2. Back in the day when I worked at a veterinary hospital, we had a lovely English Terrier as a patient. He had to have multiple surgeries on his stomach over the years to remove things he’d eaten. My favorite was when he chewed through a closet door and ate a box of .22 bullets.

  3. The shoulder rest for my violin. The best was my BC’s adventure with dog treats. I came home from teaching, and all I saw was a nose peeking around the corner, not the effusive greeting I usually got. “What did you do?” Thump, thump, went the apologetic tail. I looked around, but nothing seemed out of place. I looked that the lowered head with eyes peeping up through the little tri-colored eyebrows. Yeah, she did something she knew was wrong. I was stumped.

    Then I went into the kitchen.

    To save money, I had purchased the giant bag of dog treats, and knowing of BC shenanigans, I put it in a cupboard she couldn’t reach. How she got it down I don’t know, but she ate all of it. We looked at the bag, and then each other. “Don’t you know you supposed to put the bag back to hide the evidence as long as possible?” Thump, thump, thump.

  4. Lucy, who is by the vet’s description, a “Florida Brown Dog”, is a little beagle, a little collie, and a little of this and that. She loves to run around the yard jumping up to try to catch dragon flies. She will tilt her head for no reason and look past you, as if she hears something we don’t. My boyfriend says this is when she is receiving instructions from her mother-ship. We went away for a few days, and when we returned, one of my flip-flops was missing – everything, that is except for the button that holds the strap under the shoe. I searched everywhere. Found what was left of it a couple of days later. In the yard. If you get my meaning. When I asked Lucy about it, she just looked past me, and listened.

  5. Lets see….i cant remember anything that my dogs shouldnt have eaten except Chase loves tissues and toilet paper, also bunny poop (ewww) that he got sick from so i watch his every move anymore. Lol
    But one i do remember is i was watching my brothers siberian husky Tasha for the weekend and we went out for a couple hours, we closed all the bedroom doors and kept everything out of reach or so we thought!! We got home and checked everything and it seemed fine until i went to the bedroom and the door was open to my surprise and a whole box of peanut butter smidgeons that were on a tall dresser were gone!!!!! Till this day i have no idea how she got the bedroom door open and also that she never got sick!!!!

  6. Nova, my Great Dane, loves to get into everything she can wrap her jowls around. She loves to tear apart brand new paper towel and toilet paper rolls. I usually find paper strewn through the house. She likes to puncture shampoo and conditioner bottles. If she finds the spare big bag of dog food in the pantry, I can guarantee that she will drag it across the house and I will find it in the living room, torn apart, and a good portion of the food gone. Of course, she sits there proud as a peacock. The one thing that really concerned me was the time she found a Sam’s Club size bag of Swedish Fish. Needless to say all I found were remnants of Swedish Fish and pieces of the bag. She almost earned herself a trip to the emergency clinic. Thankfully she was removing it from her body on her own. Not fun to clean up!

  7. Gage once ate a tube of Nutri-Stat… It came up 1 year later… I kid you not… It sat in his stomach for a year until he finally vomited it up one morning. I was STUNNED… He and Ceilidh also got a bottle of canola oil out of the cupboard, crushed it and proceeded to clean it up off the floor. They both just about ended up in the emergency clinic with bloody vomiting and diarrhea. It was the first time that I ever had to put child locks on every cupboard on the house. :sigh:

  8. I just went and retrieved Jules’ puppy calendar.
    On Feb 2, 1995 when she was only 5 months old I came home from work and took the following inventory of what she ate: a wicker basket, a wicker wreath, the arm of the sofa, a few rolls of change and my comforter.
    Over the course of the 10 years I had with her she also ate 2 live bunny rabbits she caught in the park (and right in front of me, it was horrifying, but she was pretty proud!), every bit of roadkill she passed, two little wooden boxes I brought back from Paris, leashes, pillows, books, pens, a 5kg lasagna that had missed the dumpster out behind a grocery store…..
    Can you see why she is the inspiration for The Patron Saint of Dog’s partner-in-crime?

  9. Buster my 15 year old border collie ate a disposable razor when he was a puppy. He had to have emergency surgery to remove the blades, but the vet could only get two of them, the other two passed a few days later. How he never ended up with a bloody mouth or rear end is beyond me. He also used to eat nylon knee highs and then puke them back up. We still have to hide the toilet paper when we go out or he’ll eat the roll.

  10. My dog eating the last half of roll of liverworst with plastic and all. Luckily I saw the last part of the plastic wrapper disappear in her mouth and was able to take appropriate action.

  11. Georgia my wonderful rottweiler (we lost her at age 12 to 4 years ago to spindle cell scarcoma) ate anything that could fit in her mouth. First time she ate 2 weeks worth of Baytril, she need her stomach pumped for that one. Second time she ate 2 lb, bag of uncooked brown rice. The horse’s sweet feed was always one of her favorites. These were the things I knew she ate, God only knows what I didn’t know about.

  12. Lucy our English Setter ate a whole rack of ribs – bones and all, a bottle of nail polish (crunching the bottle), 1 large bar of dark chocolate, gum, drank cups of coffee and tea, a glass of Kahlua and cream, she also rips the eyes off of all her toys and eats them along with all of the play mice that our cats try to play with. We literally cannot leave ANYTHING out or she will try to eat it. We have had her at the Emergency clinic and she never has any ill effects!

  13. Our golden retriever has eaten one sock, but attempted many more. She’s also eaten the edge of a t-shirt, cushions, slippers, shoe laces and half of a top I really liked! She’s definitely got a thing for fabric, and has such a look in her eye when she gets hold of something because she knows it’s wrong. We’ve also got a black lab who doesn’t eat anything unusual, but used to pluck socks off the airer for the retriever to eat! They’re a devilish team!

  14. Midwestern Plant Girl

    My little border collie Oreo came up to me with a red type powder on his nose. I had no idea what he had gotten into, but started to look around. OMG, it was saw dust. Saw dust from my pin cushion! In the car, now! At least he picked the “open late night” for our vet. Miraculously, he had eaten no pins.

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