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Feeding the White Elephant: Three Ways to Make the Writing Life Work

For those of us so fascinated by Border Collies that we put down our leashes and spit out our shepherd’s whistles and go write about them, here’s a little piece I was asked to write about the writing life:

My friend and sister Siren Susan Lilley tapped me for a blog tour on writing processes. Writing about writing is serious work for us, but whatever Susan instigates, you can bet it’ll feel like running off to play hooky. In fact, you can scamper away with her by picking up her collection of poems, Satellite Beach, and disappear on forbidden field trips of her devising. Time spent reading her work is impossible to regret.

Before offering you the three ways to make the writing life work, let me begin by answering a few simple questions the tour asks about writing. As a writing teacher, I should be prepared to answer them with clarity and concinnity. Therefore, give me the simple thread of the following questions, let me bat them around a bit, and see if I don’t leave them frayed in a wet knot on the rug. Continue reading