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By Phil Deaver

Shadrak at One Year

Shadrak at One Year

There’s an ad on TV about the SPCA. Just 18 cents a day, or 19 dollars a month, to help save abused animals. The ad features long holds on the suffering eyes of dogs and cats shivering and lonely in their cages or being held in the arms of beautiful young female volunteers. When I see the ad, my mind goes back to Shadrak. In 1974 my ex-, Cyndie, and I had just moved to Charlottesville where I was to get a doctorate. We had no children and had been struggling with that problem for a few years. We were the proud owners of an Alaskan Malamute, Shadrak, age three. We got him as a fluffy little puppy in Southern Indiana when we were living in a great apartment on Meridian near 38th in Indianapolis. Continue reading