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Inquisitive dogs are never dull.

Inverness Etc


Wow, are we behind on the blogs!

We left Inverness on Monday morning and headed north to Nigg and the Pitzcalean House (which I am quite sure I misspelled). Of course we took the country roads instead if the A9, and beautiful they were.

And they led us to the smallest ferry in Scotland. We seem to have a penchant for finding the smallest of ferries on this trip, and I am totally to blame.

When we left Bute, the ferry was the shortest crossing; going to Nigg, we had a larger crossing (15 minutes?), but the smallest ferry. Drive in the bow, stop on a TURNTABLE, and stay seat belted in while they turn the car around. Then drive off at the far end.

It felt like being on a very large microwave turntable…. In theory they can fit three cars. I dunno, maybe three Smart Cars? But not…

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Details from Jim and Fleet’s practice runs before the Worlds.


Vegging out. Incredibly lazy. That would be us tonight, settled in at Kinkell House in Inverness, and ordering pizza. Delivery pizza. From Domino’s. Cheese and sausage, to be precise, to arrive in about an hour.

Is that sad, or what?

We cannot claim that it was a stressful day. We departed the Creag ne Dav B&B in Ivermoriston after a wonderful breakfast, and drove a leisurely 8 miles to today’s sheepdog trial. Another beautiful course, opening beautifully toward the top, and with a few minor rolls, with fit and lively blackface ewes that were often difficult to spot. The weather was a tad variable, but light rain and fog on the hills prevailed until mid afternoon.

Both Cheryl and I booked in for early runs (yes, I know that it’s generally a better strategy to wait until late morning or early afternoon, but we were pushing the dogs and our…

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Dog Jail

Mick’s father, Fleet, and his breeder, Cheryl Jagger-Williams in Scotland for the Internationals!


Not really. Jim, Fleet, Cheryl, and myself in front of the Inverness Town Hall on our evening walk.


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Mick Visits The Dog Liberator

Come along with Mick to meet The Dog Liberator!

Lisa Lanser Rose

Mick was lucky enough to spend a couple days with Gisele Veilleux, The Dog Liberator. He got to see what it was like for rescued dogs to enter the world of Ozzie, China, and Lady Di.

Someone’s at the door! China, Lady Di, and Ozzie. (Notice that China is also on guard duty. She’s what Gisele calls “a deafie.” She may be deaf, but it doesn’t stop her from being an awesome dog.)


This where all magic happens. Gisele runs much of the rescue from her computer while her daughter Sarah works beside her. For a day, Mick got to be in the middle of it. Look–Lady Di is bowing before him!

P1090834 Clockwise from upper left: Sarah, Gisele, Ozzie, Lady Di, and Mick in the middle.

Mick and Ozzie made fast friends.


This was really Mick’s first sleepover at a dog-buddy’s house. They promised they’d be good boys–and they were!


Mick got to help celebrate as Lucy…

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