Mick Visits The Dog Liberator

Come along with Mick to meet The Dog Liberator!

Lisa Lanser Rose

Mick was lucky enough to spend a couple days with Gisele Veilleux, The Dog Liberator. He got to see what it was like for rescued dogs to enter the world of Ozzie, China, and Lady Di.

Someone’s at the door! China, Lady Di, and Ozzie. (Notice that China is also on guard duty. She’s what Gisele calls “a deafie.” She may be deaf, but it doesn’t stop her from being an awesome dog.)


This where all magic happens. Gisele runs much of the rescue from her computer while her daughter Sarah works beside her. For a day, Mick got to be in the middle of it. Look–Lady Di is bowing before him!

P1090834 Clockwise from upper left: Sarah, Gisele, Ozzie, Lady Di, and Mick in the middle.

Mick and Ozzie made fast friends.


This was really Mick’s first sleepover at a dog-buddy’s house. They promised they’d be good boys–and they were!


Mick got to help celebrate as Lucy…

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