4 Easy Dog Tricks for Great Holiday Pictures

The Gloria Sirens

This holiday season take unforgettably lovable pictures of your dog! Pose your dog in a group shot with the family in front of the tree, wearing reindeer antlers, or peeking up from behind a tower of presents. Here’s everything you need to know to get better photos of your dog today.

Sometimes photoshoots are just so difficult and stressful for your dog that, instead of liking your happy holiday photo, your friends are reporting you to the Humane Society. However, with these easy tips and tricks, your dog will be happy to endure the most grueling photoshoot.

Here’s how to teach the Four Easy Dog Tricks for Great Holiday Pet Pix, plus a few pointers on how to get the best snaps of your best friend.

Those quick-and-easy tricks are Sit & Stay, Balance a Cookie on Your Nose, Paws Up, and Sit Pretty/Beg.

These tricks can be taught in…

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