See what a raccoon does to a big dog: Photo Friday

Sweet short clips of fun with pet raccoons. Be nice to your four-footed friends, and have a safe and happy weekend!

Dog Leader Mysteries

Big dogs behave and respond differently than little dogs. Big dogs can often be calm in the face of wild and odd behavior (from people and other animals). Perhaps being large of size, big dogs do not have so many barking fits at the strange antics of other creatures? What do you think?

Big dogs often indulge the infants of other species

 Raccoons Are Awesome: Compilation

A fun and funny video for your Friday, do share but…

Don’t try this at home!

Wild animals do not make great pets. The man who took these raccoons in, did it because he knew what to do to help them grow up and return to nature. Of course raccoons play, like all young mammals do, they have to learn what they can do, and can’t do. Like human children, raccoons learn by doing and are often surprised at what they should never do.

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