Mind Your Monks and Scold Your Dog?


Mick at Four Months

Today I’m going to brave the taboo topic of getting angry at your dog. Nowadays, if you so much as breathe a word against your dog, people look at you like you’re Michael Vick. And take one look at my dog Mick and you’d wonder what is wrong with me that I could ever get angry at him?

Let me begin with a quote from one of my favorite women, Beryl Markham. In West With the Night, she asked upon the birth of a foal, “Will it breathe when it is meant to breathe? Will it have the anger to feed and to grow and to demand its needs?”

Mick at Eighteen Months

Mick at Eighteen Months

Because I am above all things anxious to be a “nice woman,” I’ve often wondered, do I have the anger to demand my needs?

Is that what anger’s for?

Few places is anger more taboo right now than when it’s directed at your dog. And yet, let’s be honest. Dogs can be infuriating. Read more . . .


2 responses to “Mind Your Monks and Scold Your Dog?

  1. Hi can you tell me if mick is still on vitamin b12 injections as my border collie bailey has been on the injections every 2 weeks for 4 years now the vet says that they are no longer available and has prescribed pills thank you

    • Mick is still on B12 injections. He can’t absorb B12 through his gut at all, so pills would be useless. In your case, there must be some misunderstanding. Your vet should know that injectable B12 is cheap and widely available for humans and animals alike. You can order 100mg yourself online for $16.99. I hope Bailey doesn’t have a B12 malabsorption disease, and that the situation is soon cleared up.

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