That’ll Do, Muse

Just thought I’d let you know how it’s going writing Mick’s book. I’ve been keeping tabs on my progress on my own website, but I know some of you are very supportive of this project, and I wanted to you to know I’m determined not to let you down. Also, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you that Mick’s latest blood work showed his liver stores of cobalamin have finally reached normal levels, and we can lower his doses. The doctor at the University of Florida gave the go-ahead to neuter, but we’re in the middle of moving house. I think I’ll wait until we’re settled. That is all!

Lisa Lanser Rose

So to keep apace, I needed to write 3,284 words today (3,999 – 715 surplus from the other day).

Happy, tuckered pup Happy, tuckered pup

Today’s output:

leaving me with a surplus of 1,062. I don’t usually factor them in, but it’s nice to know that I have them to soften the blow of a weak day should I need it. My target for today, 17 days into this challenge, is 22,661, so I’m actually ahead by 1,887 words. Not a big lead, but it’s a lot better than being behind.

My progress toward goal now looks like this:

I’m more than a quarter of the way through!

And yet, I’m thinking 80,000 isn’t going to be enough to get me a complete draft. Plus I got feedback from an editor who rejected the proposal on the grounds that it wasn’t cohesive–is it a dog book or a family book? I think I need to cut the…

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