The Border Collie Eye of the Beholder

A little New Year’s note from WordPress informed me that this post, “The Border Collie Eye of the Beholder,” was the most popular for the year 2013–but it had been posted in 2012. In fact, it gets daily traffic. I have no idea why. WP said, “Write more posts like this,” and so I reread it, a over a year and a half after it was written. As many of you know, I have found the puppy I was searching for, BCI’s “Miracle Mick.” The drama of Mick’s first year has changed my life and my plans for the book I mention in this post in such unexpected, heartbreaking and inspiring ways. I was shaking in my shoes to know now what lay ahead for the woman who wrote this post.

Lisa Lanser Rose

My puppy hunt has begun in earnest, and already I’ve gone slopping straight into the muck of my first muddle. I said I was looking for a merle. And I felt sick to my stomach saying so.

What’s wrong with asking for a specific coat? You may wonder, but any border collie aficionado worth a wag would know better than that. Just asking for a merle is a gaffe and a half. Yet, if you’re making a fifteen-year commitment, if you’re willing to pay top dollar, if you’re crazy enough to work part-time just to devote more time to your dog, if you’re willing to search patiently for the perfect personality as well, shouldn’t you also hold out for a dog looks pretty in family photos?

The breeder is a wise and gracious woman. She wrote back that I sounded like a PERFECT (caps hers) prospect for a puppy, but, alas…

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