Tell Us About Your Favorite Dog-Friendly Hang-Outs

Cocoon Coffee House and Catering Company

by Terri Florentino


(l-r) Brianna, Tulley, Echo, and Terri

I enjoy relaxing with Tulley and Echo while sipping on delicious cup of joe and blogging my heart’s content at a nearby swanky dog-friendly establishment, Cocoon Coffee House. The owners of this charming, historical building, Grant and Jeanne Genzlinger, have done a remarkable job in the preservation, respectfully preserving the integrity and character of the 1893 structure. It’s a fascinating place. Originally, the building housed silk cocoons used for the production of silk, hence the name, ‘The Cocoon.’

Historical establishments serve as reminders of the past. I believe that preserving our past gives us more understanding and hope for the future. The best thing about Cocoon, however, is the staff, who make Tulley and Echo feel like honored guests.

Do you have a favorite place that you and your dog like to frequent, and why? Comment below, or email us a full review with photos!


Terri with Tulley (l) and Echo (r)

8 responses to “Tell Us About Your Favorite Dog-Friendly Hang-Outs

  1. Border Collies…One of the most affectionate and intelligent dog breed I have ever come across…My father has always been a great fan of the Border Collie and I got to know why when one came to our house when I was young!!! He was the darling of our house and he still has got a special place in my heart. Always will.
    Right now, I have got a feisty English Cocker Spaniel,a tenacious and extremely naughty Dalmatian and a very proud Indian Cat…They all make my life worth living…Do visit my blog sometimes and meet Casper, the Spaniel who has already marked my blog 🙂 Its his territory now…

  2. Sounds like a perfect outing for all three of you. Love the photos!!

  3. Midwestern Plant Girl

    We love to camp near the Starved Rock area, or Utica, Illinois. We bring our 2 border collies to Matheson State Park where the hikes include walking in creeks, waterfalls and stairs… Did I say stairs? Anyway, the boys are so respectful of other people on the stairs and love the water. This is our favorite dog spot!

  4. “Wow,” what a beautiful location! Thank you for sharing. I have included a link to the park for any of our readers that would be interested in more details.

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